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The Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute is an organization Ruth Sova started with her friend Vicki Chossek in 1992.  When Vicki left for a “real” job, Ruth (who is not a manager) asked her sister, Anne Miller, to run the company.  Anne sold the company she had and took over management of ATRI.




Ruth Sova travels worldwide to present workshops, lectures and keynotes.  Most of her presentations are about aquatic therapy, rehab or fitness.  She also does several business topics and several motivational keynotes.




Ruth Sova has many books, DVD's and other products related to Ai Chi, BackHab and water therapy, rehab and fitness.




Besides her books listed above, Ruth Sova has written numerous articles.  Many are listed free for you to read at


Other Companies:


Ruth is involved or connected with several other businesses and organizations you might be interested in.


Ai Chi:


Ruth Sova has been fortunate to be the leading English spokesperson for this relaxing and centering aquatic technique.


Introduction to Aquatic Therapy and Rehab:


Ruth Sova created the “Intro” workshop for people just getting into the industry.  It includes aqua physics, indications, precautions, contraindications, outcomes, special populations, the first step to getting started, and best of all, actual pool experience with Bad Ragaz, BackHab, Burdenko, Ai Chi, Ai Chi Ne, AquaStretch, Aquatic PNF, Watsu, The Unpredictable Command Technique, and Pilates.  Instructors and courses are located around the country.

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